Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 2 of 10 - Double Breasted Wedding Suits

I am sure some of you are aware that we love double breasted suits here at Jack Bunneys.  (Those of you who saw episode 1 of the Vlog, will know we are 'big fans')    However it has beens some time since double-breasted suits have been on-trend for wedding suits!  So when considering how we was going to incorporate double breasted into our stock for 2014 wedding suits, we had a number of issues to consider.  Number 1: fit.   Double-breasted is notoriously difficult to fit, if we were going to hire a DB, we would have to have a range of sizes from 34 chest up to (at least) 44 chest, in short, regular and long.   For me that ruled out hiring double-breasted suits.   Double-breasted wedding suits should be fitted and to fit a double breasted suit correctly you have to make each one 'made to measure'.

Number 2: How to make the groom look like a groom?   We simply added a few touches to make the double-breated suit stand out.  We added real mother-of-pearl buttons (on the front and cuffs) and we added an ivory lapel hole, these ivory touches added a special wedding significance to the suit jacket, whilst keeping the look of a traditional double breasted blazer.   We also used a coloured shirt (rather than standard white) with a stiff white colour.  This again added a special wedding significance whilst keeping that traditional look.

I would like to introduce, new for 2014:  Double Breasted Wedding Suits

The centre suits (double breasted) are made to measure only.  The suits either side can be hired and are called 'The York'

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