Tuesday 12 November 2013

New for 2014 - Number 1 of 10 - Bespoke/Hire - New colour.

As some of you may be aware (those subscribers to the Vlog, Facebook likers or Twitter followers) we now have our new product images for 2014!!

This is exciting news, it means we can start to announce the new things which are happening here at Jack Bunneys!

So here is post Number One in a countdown of top ten things which are new or exciting for 2014!

Last year we invented a new service called 'Bespoke/Hire'    This service was designed for those weddings which could be best described as 'alternative' or maybe 'vintage' or even 'country'   The idea being,  the groom purchased a perfect 'made to measure' country check suit whilst the rest of the party hired a suit which complimented it perfectly, right down to the matching waistcoat.

Here are those packages:

Now we originally designed this service to have 3 colours! Not 2!  The third colour was always supposed to be a burgundy.  Now we have completed the 'Bespoke/Hire' trilogy.   The range is now complete.  

So let me introduce to you the third colour in the 'Bespoke/Hire' Trilogy:

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