Friday 13 September 2013

Hannah & Craig's Beautiful Summer Garden Wedding

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Sometimes everything just falls into place!  Sometimes we will design a wedding suit, with a certain type of wedding in mind, with a certain type of venue and (let's be honest) a certain type of couple in mind.  It is very rare for all of these things to fall into place.   When Hannah and Craig first sent us an image of their wedding, with Craig wearing the suit we made for him, I was literally blown away, that image was exactly how I imagined it should be.  When I designed the suit, I had a vision in my head and Hannah and Craig made that a reality.  There is only one thing I can say to them both: Thank You!

So here it is Hannah and Craig's beautiful Summer Garden Wedding:

Jack Bunneys:

How did you enjoy the Wedding Planning? 


Hannah did such an amazing job she didn’t need me! She thought of every last detail and it looked amazing. 

Jack Bunneys:

Correct answer !  What about the pre-wedding prep?


 I did enjoy setting up, we saw it go up from start to finish, from when the Marquee arrived on the Wednesday to the Roulette and Blackjack tables turning up on the actual evening it was hard work making sure everyone was on time, went in the right place but it was of course worth it, having a marquee wedding there is so much more to do, you have to remember to remember everything from the bar, knives and forks to the toilets!

Jack Bunneys:

After all this exhausting planning and prep, you had the big day itself! How did it go?


It was perfect, it ran smoothly without a fault.  The ceremony in the garden was the best part for me, it was the perfect setting.

We started off at the registry office in Bletchley, we legally married there. 

During the ceremony the Ley Minister used my father’s name instead of mine, it really broke the ice!!  I was feeling very nervous at that point and it relaxed both me and Hannah.

We then came back to my parents’ house where we had a Garden Wedding Blessing. And then we then moved onto the marquee in the field behind their house where we had a sit down meal and a fantastic party afterwards.  

The best mens speech was amazing, they thought of everything and even provided pictures for people to look at while they were speaking! 

After the wedding I felt like everything had just slotted into place, I was happy and excited and so pleased we had such a fantastic day!!

Jack Bunneys:

Would you change anything or do anything different?


No it was perfect!

Jack Bunneys:

That good?  Were their tears?



Jack Bunneys:

Obviously we have to talk about our favourite bit.  Suits!


My suit was a 3 piece custom made suit by Jack Bunneys of course! It was woolen tweed with a red check line, matching tie, bright red backing on the waist coat, red braces, a pocket watch (such a nice touch) and my initials stitched into the inside of the arm sleeve. It fit like a dream, there is a picture of me walking away with my wife and you can see the line check from the collar follows all the way down the suit. I was very impressed.

Jack Bunneys:

It is a pretty amazing suit (even if I do say so myself) did you hire for the rest of the party?


Yes we had 5 guys in total.  We hired the Harrogate suits in silver for the best men and the Worcester suits for the dads.  

Jack Bunneys:

Overall what were you most pleased with?


All of it, it was perfect!  but the ceremony in the garden, seeing my wife walking down the aisle, the suits, and also the pictures by Natalie J weddings were beyond anything we could have imagined! 

Jack Bunneys:

Are there any other suppliers you would like to mention?


Hector Haus, the marquee they provided was outstanding.

Jack Bunneys, the custom made suit was the perfect outfit for the wedding.

Cinnamon Frost Flowers, Vix who designed and made all the flowers did an absolutely amazing job, especially with the table decorations.

Natalie J Weddings, Natalie could not have done a better job with the pictures she took for our wedding. They are really amazing images.

Jack Bunneys:

Finally, what advice would you offer to other soon-to-be grooms?


Just try and be as helpful and supportive as you can be.

Jack Bunneys:

Sage advice Craig!  Thank you so much for being one of Jack Bunneys featured grooms.   Your wedding did look really incredible!  Looking at your beautiful images whilst looking out onto a grey, wet miserable afternoon I find myself feeling rather envious of that wonderful summers day in your parents back garden. 



Natalie J Weddings  - 


Hectors Haus - 

Weddings Dresses:

1.  BHLDN    2. Trudy Lee


Cinnamon Frost - Leighton Buzzard

Make Up:

Make Up by Luci Ashford with Emily Grace Blackman



Mercedes Benz of Milton Kenynes


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Absolutely love this, I am really enjoying reading from the grooms perspective as it isn't usually something you get to hear :)

Good work!!

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