Thursday 15 August 2013

The Bunney Blog - What we are doing, blogging about real weddings etc.

We've had this blog now for some time.  Quite a few years actually.  I must admit i've always felt that we have never really used the medium of blogging in the 'correct' way.

 We have used this blog as essentially a dumping-ground.  This is where we put all that information that we don't want clogging up our main site.  This is where put unfinished or unprofessional images, where we float new ideas and where we let people know what might be happening before we have decided it is actually happening!

I have always used it as a form of communication where I don't have to type with my 'formal' business head, instead I can just type, spell/grammar check and click publish.  I don't have to think too much, as nothing here is ever that definitive.

But there are now other ways to informally communicate with people, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all more widely viewed than this here blog.  So this blog has kind of slowly died.  I post less, I use it  less because I need it less.

I can stop blogging and not use it any more.  That's one option but I would rather not.  I would instead like to use it more.  I would like to take my lead from all of those massively influential and popular wedding blogs out there (RocknRollBride, WhimsicalWeddingWonderland , BespokeBride) and actually blog real weddings.

I certainly have a massive pool of weddings to utilise, I am involved in literally hundreds & hundreds of weddings every year.  Simply by asking our customers if they are interested in having their wedding blogged by us here we will inevitably have quite a lot of weddings to blog every year, I would estimate that we could blog a minimum of one a week maybe 2-3 depending on how much time I have available .
I do feel a bit guilty about doing this though.  After all, Jack Bunneys is already a successful business, and there are lots of wedding blogs out there trying to make a living just blogging.  I would hope that my amateur attempts at their profession will not impact on them financially.

 In that spirit the new look blog will NOT be running any advertisements at all.  We will not be taking any sponsors money.

We will also be blogging these weddings from a "Jack Bunney' perspective.  For example the interview for each blog will be from the 'Grooms' perspective and not the Brides.  We will probably spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing suits, after all that's what I really care about and so do our customers.  I am hoping I can show people that our Grooms do demand a little more, that they are very involved in wedding planning and most of all that they care!

Q: Is this one big self-serving advert for Jack Bunneys then?

A: Yes, in a way.  We will be our own sponsors, our own advertisers and each post will be a Jack Bunney sponsored post.  Having said that, the weddings that we blog will be interesting, they will be REAL and the words, opinions, ideas and thoughts will be from actual Grooms.

This is our idea for the future of the Bunney Blog.  It will no doubt still be used as our sounding board for new ideas and for a place to dump information that we don't want cluttering up our main site.  But the REAL WEDDING portion of the blog will hopefully be new, fresh and interesting.

If you would like to submit your wedding to Jack Bunneys Real Wedding Blog please email 

Thank You


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