Tuesday 30 July 2013

2014 - Men's Wedding Fashion - Trends - What I would 'Like' to see happen in 2014

Just recently we announced that more dates throughout 2013 are FULLY BOOKED for our hire service.   This has been the way now for a few years with us here at Jack Bunneys, we now book our weddings between 6-12 months in advance of the actual wearing date.  Which means we now have a substantial number of weddings booked for 2014, we have also received a substantial number of enquiries from couples whom are getting married throughout 2014.  
This gives me a rather unique insight into which styles are going to prove popular for 2014 and which trends will emerge as the years goes on.   Obviously I have a good idea of which trends I would like to emerge, but what I would 'like' and what happens in reality is not always the same thing!

So for a change I will do two lists, one list of the trends I would 'Like' to see emerge throughout 2014 and another list for the trends I 'Expect' to see throughout 2014.


1.  Double Breasted.
   I am a HUGE fan of a double breasted suit.  And I think that the time is ripe for this classically tailored and British garment to be seen again at British Weddings.

2.  Different Colours.
    Whilst not being an advocate for 'fancy' wedding suits,  I would really like to see a break from the usual blue, grey, black options normally chosen.  Brown is a nice alternative but I would like to see the boundaries pushed more.  What about Burgundy or Green?

 3. Fancy waistcoats!!
What???  Jack Bunneys actually recommending fancy waistcoats?!?  Well yes actually.  But not brocade or swirl pattern, shiney, ivory, silver waistcoats.  No, what about pure wool waistcoats, plain but in a wedding colour; pink, salmon or yellow??  I think it would be nice to see the return of the fancy waistcoat but done in a more classical way.

4. Tailored Fit not Slim Fit!
Again not something you normally here from us at Jack Bunneys (we are normally the champion of all things slim).  However I would 'Like' to see a departure from the modern, fashionable, slim fit and a return to the classical 'Tailored' fit.  A suit which fits but is not tight, trousers which are tailored but not skinny and a jacket which can button! 
5. Bow-Ties
I say this every year!  I like bow-ties and I know that I said 2013 was going to be the year  for the bow-tie and we certainly saw a considerable increase but i would like to see more.  I would love to see more and more grooms choosing bow-ties but only if they learn to tie them themselves! 

So those are the things I would 'LIKE' to see but I am not sure I will see too much of those things, but I know I will meet more than enough couples who want to be different, who want to be at the cutting edge and do not want to simply follow trends but rather lead them.  

Tomorrow I will post my predictions, what we will actually see throughout 2013! 

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