Tuesday 12 March 2013

Wedding Suit Hire - What do we mean by FULLY BOOKED?

It is this time of year again!

I think over the last 5 years I have annually posted a very similar thing.

The reason for writing this post is to try and explain exactly what we are up to here at Jack Bunneys, at this time of year we are receiving lot's of genuine enquiries for our Hire Service which we cannot fulfil, so we simply have to turn them away.

 Now I do realise that this is difficult for some and I really do feel for some and wish we could help!  But we do have very good reasons for turning away this business, (and we do understand that we are running a business, not a personal venture where we can pick and choose our clients) so what I am going to do here in this blog post is to try to explain exactly why we 'fully book' periods of the year for our Hire Service.

1.  We are a small business, with only three full time members of staff.  We alter and prepare each suit ourselves here on the premises.  This takes time and we can only prepare so many suits each week before we run out of time.

2.  We try to have excellent stock management, so as to not let anyone down.  We have a lot of stock and can purchase more at any time.  However there is always a surplus of stock required.  There are lots of different things that could happen throughout a wedding season, stock could be damaged, lost, stolen or a customer could change size.  All of these things can and do happen regularly throughout a busy year.  If we actually booked every single suit out for a weekend and then something were to happen to a jacket, trouser or waistcoat then a customer would be let down.  This is why we manage our stock at an appropriate level, so we always have an allowance for changes in size or any damages which occur.

3.  Exclusivity.  This word always makes people angry, as if we are somehow trying to influence demand for this product.  However the reason we limit the quantity of suits we hire out over a weekend (on our exclusive ranges) is something far more simple.  We do not want a range that we have designed as something more 'exclusive' to be hired out in 1000's each year, that would be the complete opposite of an exclusive range.  We honestly do try to make our grooms feel special on their wedding day, if we were to hire our so-called exclusive ranges in vast numbers, those grooms would no longer feel as if they have made an effort to find a suit which is 'the one'.

In conclusion the the reason we feel the need to fully book our hire service throughout the year is to service our clients correctly, to make sure we can spend the time on preparing their orders correctly, to make sure we have all of the stock required, in the correct sizes and so those grooms that really care about what they wear on their wedding day have an alternative to the high street.

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