Tuesday 23 October 2012

Accessories are awesome - Part One.

Accessories are something that us Bunney boys are always banging on about, we love them!  

Why?  Well that's reasonably simple, because they are awesome!  And they create an outfit, which is fit for a groom.   The current wedding fashion is for simple, fitted, three-piece suits, which in my opinion is fantastic, but you do need something to 'Wedding-y' (real word) it up a bit.   I suppose you could do this with a wedding waistcoat, or even a cravat but for me it is far simpler and more sophisticated to add a few special accessories.  

What type of accessories are good? 

 Tie Bars are fantastic and serve a dual purpose, the first is style, the second is holding the tie in place.  A tie bar attaches to the shirt and holds the tie straight and flat, allowing a small emphasising pucker of the tie.  Tie bars are particularly useful when using a low-buttoning or U-shape waistcoat.  You do need to make sure that you have selected the right size tie bar for the right tie, the current fashion is for slim or even skinny ties, you will have to check the width of your tie bar to make sure that the size is just right for the look you are trying to achieve. 
In the Jack Bunney online shop we sell tie bars in different widths and tell which width of tie the tie-bar is suitable for.  Click. 

Pocket Watches are also a good shout.  Again they serve a dual purpose, the first (as ever) is style, secondly they make a great photo opportunity for the groom, a well timed reportage shot of a pensive groom looking at his pocket watch, awaiting his bride, makes a fantastic and amusing picture.  Pocket watches can also be great keepsakes, very often purchased as gifts and engraved with a special message for the day.  Unusual pocket watches can also be purchased, in the Jack Bunney shop we sell coloured pocket watches which are a different and modern twist on a classic, these can also be co-ordinated with your wedding if you choose.  Click

Collar Bars & Collar Clips, we absolutely love these at Jack Bunneys!  They look so very stylish and are perfect way of lifting that slim tie.  They hold up that perfectly tied knot and give the whole outfit an air of 'retro-ness' (also a real word).  You can purchase different types, collar clips are just that, clips which clip onto the shirt collar and hold the two collars together under the knot of the tie, these require a large classic collar shirt, preferably with removable bones. Click
 Then you have collar bars, and these require holes in your shirt collars, in my experience it is best to have a shirt with the holes already in them, attempting to add the holes is never successful in my opinion.  These are available in lots of different styles and some even come with colour coordinated ends, so you can match them to your suit or the colour theme of you wedding. Click.

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