Friday 14 September 2012

Wedding Suits likes and dislikes - Time for some Likes

After yesterdays fun of the dislikes,  it is time to get down to the real fun of what actually do the guys at Jack Bunneys really like to see in a wedding suit.

   Is it the same thing that you would expect? or similar taste to you own?

There are some pretty obvious omissions, no tail suits, no fancy waistcoats, no cravats and no top hats.

1.  Smart, Tailored & Slim

2. Double Breasted Waistcoats

3.  Country Check - Tweed

4.  3.Piece Suit:

5.  Slim Fit:

6.  Brown:

7.  Blue & Green should never be seen?

8. Accessories. Tie Bars - Collar clips - Pocket watches

9.  Cool Shoes
10.  Extraordinary cufflinks:

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