Thursday 13 September 2012

Wedding Suit Likes and Dislikes . Some what controversial ..maybe

We have never been ones for holding back our opinions.  If you come to our shop here and ask one of our staff a straight question, the answer will always be honest and equally straight.
We have been in the 'Wedding' industry for a long time and seen many style, fashion changes.  Some of these fashions have been quite honestly not to our taste.  I am sure there are lot's of people out there who disagree with our list of dislikes and I am sure there are plenty who will agree.  The only thing I can say with any confidence, is that at present these are the personal preferences of Jack Bunney's and not a reflection of the industry as a whole.

1. White / Cream Suits (ie. Liverpool F.C. Cup Final Suits)  - This has to top the list of dislikes, for obvious reasons.

2.  Nehru collared suits - (As worn by Gazza.  More 90's madness.)
3. Velvet Jackets -  (Popular in the 90's but surely a little too Wonka?)

4.  Spencer Jackets & cummerbunds - (What 80's sophistication was all about.) 

5. Coloured evening suits - ( dumb and dumber.)

6. Anything with embroidery. - (Think Tom Hanks in the film Big)

7.  Suits with shorts. - (not for a wedding, I don't care how hot you get) 

8.  Colonel Kentucky Bow Ties: (not finger lickin good)

9.  Back less waistcoats.

10.  Excessive wedding waistcoat patterns.

Ok so that is just a bunch of dislikes!! Well the likes are to follow, tomorrow.  

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