Thursday 2 February 2012

Jack Bunneys - Charity 2012

As anyone with a small business knows only too well, we are contacted on a daily basis by charitable organisations and individuals looking for our businesses support or sponsorship. This can prove to be an annoyance, with phone calls, emails and personal visits every day but before I am accused of Scrooge like tendencies, I would like to make it clear that I have every admiration for the charity workers themselves and if I could support them all I surely would.

Obviously no business can support all of the organisations that contact them, A small business like ours can only assist a very small number of charities every year. In a normal year our policy for supporting charities is quite simple, each of us company directors selects a charity and as a business we support these three charities on a monthly basis for twelve months. We do not normally divulge which charities we support and quite honestly do not really feel we need to justify which charities we have chose to support.

This has been our policy for a number of years. But this year is going to be a little different. We are still going to support our chosen, private, charities but we are also going to be giving more vocal support to our other chosen charities.

Why are we doing this?

Well.. we think that financial donations are essential but our business can only give so much, so we can help support these charities in other ways. We can start by giving these charities additional exposure on the internet, by including them in our blog posts, our Twitter posts and our Facebook updates. This exposure not only raises awareness but can generate extra revenue from our customers and potential customers.

Here is the second one:

Cancer Recovery provides information and services to help everyone prevent cancer and recover from it. Unlike many other charities, we don’t put the money raised into research, we take a different approach to fighting cancer. Instead we believe that supporting those already battling cancer is just as important as finding a cure. We believe in helping people to overcome the life changing discovery that they have cancer, encouraging them to move on with their lives whilst supporting them every step of the way. So instead we use our funds to support people now suffering from cancer, in addition to sharing the experience and knowledge we have gathered.We also understand that people need very practical support and immediate support, so that is what we provide. We pay necessary bills for people and families affected by cancer. And we send children undergoing treatment toys and presents to cheer them up.Learn more about how we are helping people living with cancer through financial support, bringing cheer to children with cancer, helping women with breast cancer and read some of our case studies.

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