Thursday 27 October 2011

What's the difference??

Jack Bunneys is a funny little place. We have customers from all over the U.K. who travel to our shop to hire suits. And customers come from all over the world to buy suits here.

But what is the difference between Jack Bunneys and our competitors? Why do our customers drive past hundreds of other menswear shops to get to us here, in the not so desirable part of East London/Essex ?

Well to be honest I am not always 100% sure. I am confident in what we do and how we do it. But I am not always certain as to why some couples choose our shop forsaking all others.

I can only assume there are a variety of different reasons, I like to think that each customer we have the privilege to deal with has his own particular reason for choosing our shop, their reasoning being as unique as they are, and as unique as their weddings should be.

I do however get asked quite a bit, why are Jack Bunneys different? Why do people travel such long distances to visit, what was once a very local, family business? My only real response to these questions (apart from "I dunno") is to explain what we do and how we do it. To explain just how hard we all work here, and then hope that this demonstrates why are services have become desirable.

So this is what we do, and how we do it and this is the real difference between Jack Bunneys and other businesses :

Jack Bunneys has 3 full time members of staff. All three are company directors, all three perform every single role in the business. This includes making bespoke suits, designing and purchasing hire suits, preparing the hire orders, serving the customers and every other aspect of running a successful family business. We also have a couple of part-time staff, who work at weekends and on the odd occasion in the week too. Both of our part-time staff are extremely intelligent and educated to a high level (they are both students), they have also been trained to a high standard, both have completed the construction of at least one bespoke suit, by hand.

Our 'Hire' wear is made in Germany by Wilvorst. We do not hire our suits in, each and every suit we have, we own. (this may seem a peculiar statement but you would be surprised how many so-called formal wear experts use a trade hire service) Each one of our suits is custom made exclusively for Jack Bunneys. This allows us to choose the correct fabric for the correct style. Each one of our suits has been designed by ourselves here to our standards. We are always designing our suits with quality and fit in mind. Only experienced tailors (or designers) can offer this level of design. Our stock is held here on the premises (so each customer can try-on the actual suit they will receive) we use a European size scale which gives greater scope for 'in between' sizes. This allows us to get a better 'fit' when suiting our customers.

Our service, I believe is unique. I have worked for some of the biggest names in Men's formal wear and I have never come across another business which shows such attention to detail when preparing each and every hire suit:

Research and Design (We are constantly monitoring fashions and attending shows and fairs for inspiration)

Purchasing and Manufacturing (Putting our ideas into production. We source quality factories to make to the highest standard or make our own products. Actually purchasing our products so they are all in store to try.)

Advice on Fit, Style and Design. (A consultation with an experienced member of staff)

A Correct Suit Fitting.
(to try on the suit you will receive before booking)

A Fitting for each member of the party. (Each member of the party will receive a correct fitting, where they can try-on the garments they will receive on the day.

Refitting (any member of the party can request a refit at any time)

Preparation of orders 1. Making cravats and Handkerchiefs. (we make our own cravats and ties in up to 250 shades of pure silk)

Preparation of orders 2. Alteration. Yes a hire suit can be altered. (We carry out alterations to our hire suits ourselves on the premises, by hand, NO GLUE!)

Preparation of orders 3. Pressing. This is the MOST important part of the preparation. (We hand press each garment before it leaves. Including, jacket, waistcoat, trouser, shirt and neckwear.)

Preparation of orders 4. Bagging and Tagging. (Each piece is put together and bagged individually for each customer. Each bag is named individually.)

Cleaning and Pressing on Return. (every garment is dry-cleaned and hand pressed on return)

That is a breakdown of the practical things that you will receive with our service. However there are also the other unquantifiable benefits, such as the polite and professional service, the relaxed family atmosphere, the skill and knowledge of bespoke tailors and the experience of wedding professionals.

I would like to think we are unique. I would like to think there is no-one out there quite like us. I am sure that is true. There is no-one quite like us. But there are quite a few other fine establishments, who have some wonderful designs and offer an excellent service. Sometimes services which we do not even offer.

But I think our customers choose to come here because they like us! (as well as our suits and service). I know this sounds conceited but that is not how it is intended, I simply believe that the customers who choose our shop and simply must come here (despite distance, logistical issues etc.) are coming because they agree with our ethos and somehow 'get' what Jack Bunneys is all about. These wonderful people are visiting our shop because they feel comfortable that our philosophies are in alignment and we will provide the service they require for their big day.

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