Thursday 4 August 2011

Wedding Suits - The One

We are all aware that when a Bride-to-be goes shopping for her dress, she is looking for 'The One'.

That magical dress that will fulfill every childhood fantasy, bring a tear to her mothers eye and make her Groom-to-be gasp as she walks up the aisle.

For men, we have no childhood dream of what our wedding suit may or may not look like, we have no real desire to bring a gasp from the congregation, we just simply want to look 'smart' on our day.

Or .... do we?

I am not sure that guys should not have 'The One', why should the man miss out on the opportunity to purchase an item of clothing for the biggest day of our lives, that feel us with confidence, makes us stand tall and gives us a sense of self worth. Why should men not feel special on their wedding day?

Over the last 4 years, I have met hundreds of Grooms-to-be and the vast majority are not looking for that special suit that will make them feel like a million dollars, most Grooms-to-be are searching for a suit that fits the requirements on their own personal check list. This check list can vary a great deal, but a generalisation would be:

1. A suit that matches with the colour scheme
2. A suit that will fit
3. A suit that won't make them look silly,stupid, like a muppet/penguin
4. A suit that has a cravat/waistcoat etc. that matches with bridesmaids/flowers/tablecloths etc.

If these criteria are filled the majority of men are happy.

But I don't think that is enough.

Now although the majority simply check their criteria list, there is also a minority that are looking for 'The One' These guys have an idea, which they are trying to articulate, they have given their suit choice some serious thought. They consider the details and not just the colour scheme but also the design, the fabric, the cut and all of the details in between.

Theses guys are becoming their own fashion designer and using their own imagination to push the boundaries of what a 'Wedding Suit' actually is. Is a wedding suit a tail suit with a top hat? Well it can be but it doesn't have to be. Does a wedding suit have to have a cravat and fancy waistcoat? No, not if you don't want it to.

Jack Bunneys has always encouraged our customers to think outside the box, to consider alternatives. There is always another way!

Selecting your wedding suit does not have to be as simple as checking a list, not if you don't want it to. You can create your own wedding suit, you can feel as special as you want to. If you wear nice clothing on a day to day basis, why would you want anything other than nicer clothing for the most special day of your life.

It is time for the men of the U.K. to start considering what they actually want from a wedding suit, do you want a suit which will cover your body for the day and look 'smart' or ..

Do you want 'The One' ?

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