Thursday 28 July 2011

More News for 2012, product design continues.

Whilst we are feverishly preparing orders for this extremely busy 2011 wedding season, we are also looking forward to 2012 and making decisions in regards to the new products and designs.

We announced on this blog recently that the Harrogate range will be available in Black from 2012. We are hoping we will have the initial samples with us in October 2011.

As yet no other decisions have been reached in regards to future wedding suits to Hire.

But there is some exciting news! We are currently working on a range of unique, exclusively designed white formal shirts to buy for weddings. This new 'Jack Bunney' range of formal shirts will be 'hand-made' in France to our exact specification.
They will use the finest white 100% pure cotton. They will have our customary Jack Bunney design features, which make them completely unique in the market. I can guarantee you have never seen formal wedding shirts quite like these!

The fit will be exceptionally tailored and slim. The collars shapes will be for use with a slim tie, exclusively. The cuffs will be unusual but for use with a slim suit. The whole design ethos surrounding this new range, is about a shirt which looks fantastic with a slim fitting wedding suit. Slim yoke, slim sleeves, narrow cuff, darted and waisted.

We are very excited about these new shirts, they will be of supreme quality and design.

Prices will start from £110.00 inc VAT.

I will post pictures as soon as they arrive.

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