Thursday 21 July 2011

Jack Bunneys - Changing the world of Formal Wear

Hi All,

Over the last few years we at JB have tried to change the world of Formal Wear and now it seems that (at last) our efforts are starting to have an effect on the industry as a whole.

Our commitment to no longer using the same old products that have always been used. Has really paid off for the whole industry. Groom's are reading our website/blog/FB page and are becoming more demanding with their hire choices and now hire services across the U.K. are being led by a more informed choice. This means that in 2012 you should expect to no longer receive the types of things which I have listed below.

  • Heavy fabrics.

  • Shapeless jackets.

  • Cheap plastic shoes.

  • Standard Edward Jackets (in 100 colours).

  • Back-less waistcoats.

  • Black-backed waistcoats (unless it is a black waistcoat).

  • White suits (unless you are Liverpool FC in the FA cup final)

Not everyone would agree that the above list is of a bunch of outdated products which have no place in the current wedding suit industry but if you agree, then I suggest you find one of the U.K.'s leaders in wedding suit design (not one of the followers).


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