Tuesday 19 July 2011

2012 - What's the plan?

Hi All,
I have been neglecting my duties as chief Bunney Blogger recently. I am sorry for not posting very often but I will attempt over the next few weeks to put things right and post regular updates about our little family business here in East London (Essex).

First things first, this wedding season has been extraordinary! We have fully booked the three months of July, August and September for wedding suit hire. We have nearly fully booked some weekends in October too. We have also sold more wedding suits than usual. Mostly made-to-order and made-to-measure suits. The most popular colour this year being blue and the most popular design being our Harrogate range.

I am very proud of all of the Bunneys! It is due to their hard work that we have enjoyed more success than ever. The commitment of the Bunney boys to incredible customer service and their pursuit of perfection is an inspiration to me. The last two weeks has seen Jack Bunneys have the best ever two week period in the 53 year history of Jack Bunneys.

So.....what does the future hold? Well we are always looking for the next design. We are always considering new and interesting ways to supply the very latest in wedding suit design. We haven't confirmed any new designs as yet. But we are considering at least one interesting and maybe even a revolutionary step forward in U.K. wedding suits.

I can announce at least one piece of news for 2012. The Harrogate range will be available in a BLACK colour as of January 2012. The fabric will be the same Barberis Lightweight Mohair fabric as the Blue and Silver. The style will be identical, including the 3.piece suit and the u-shape waistcoat.

We are working hard on new developments for 2012 and have 100's of new ideas. We will narrow this down to only a handful of new ideas, some of these new ideas will be for our Hire department however I believe most of our new product designs will be to buy only.

I am hoping that Jack Bunneys can continue to be a leader in the design revolution of men's wedding suits in the U.K.

I will be posting again soon,


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