Thursday 14 April 2011

Vintage Collar Clips

Hi Guys,

As you may know we take in interest in all things vintage when it comes to men's fashion.

It has been great to see a surge in support for this attitude. TV programs such as BoardWalk Empire have increased the interest in Vintage men's fashion and we have bee inundated with enquiries for the types of accessories used in this TV series.

One of the most popular enquiries is for collar clips. Now we have always sold collar bars and tab collar shirts but we just did not have any collar clips!

Well now we have managed to find stock of a beautiful vintage collar clip!

No-one really knows how old this stock is but we at Jack Bunneys have purchased all of the stock available. We may not know how old each unit is but we do know that these actual collar clips were featured in the manufacturers catalogue in 1912!

The product was Trademark under the name TENAX and were made in England.

This is as much information as we know in regards to these collar clips, if anyone knows any more information in regards to these collar clips, please feel free to email me! Thank You in advance.

These are stunning lookng pieces and will add a touch of class to any shirt.

Now available to buy online, click here

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