Thursday 29 July 2010

2011 is not that far away. Part 3 - Half Tail (now the HARROGATE range)

Next year we are introducing a new style of suit into our hire collection. This style is something we have designed over 2010 and currently it has a working title of the "HARROGATE".

It is based upon the design in the image, which is made by Wilvorst in Germany. Naturally at Jack Bunneys we have created our own twist on this design.

This design is trying to capture the essence of a classical morning suit or wedding suit, whilst also resembling a modern slim fitting lounge suit.

It is essentially a half tail. Which is why we have been using this name during the design process. Half of a tail suit and half a slim fitting normal suit.

This new hire range for 2011, will be available in 2 amazing colours.
The fabric is being made by Vitale Barberis and is very fine Mohair mixture. This will be a lightweight, luxurious fabric and has a natural sheen when photographed, this makes this the perfect fabric for a wedding suit. This is something that we have learned over the years as tailors, we have always recommended Vitale Barberis fabrics for weddings and now this fabric will also be available to hire.
This suit will be available in a beautiful Mid-dark two tone Blue and a Silver.

It will be available in store to try from Mid October.
This new will be called the 'HARROGATE'

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