Friday 15 January 2010

Important Information Regarding Wedding Suit Hire and Appointments

Hi All,

It seems 2010 has got off to a flying start! Which is excellent news and confirms our hopes that Jack Bunneys are at least doing something right!

However this busy start to the year does create a few issues:

1. We are booking wedding suit hires very quickly and soon some weekends will no longer be available.

2. Saturday appointments are fully booked for the 16th January, 23rd January and the 30th January 2010.

3. Saturdays are going to be VERY busy, despite having appointments, things will no doubt run over and the shop will be very busy.

4. It would be easier if you could telephone to book an appointment. An email will at times take a few minutes to be replied to and at times the appointments are being booked up before a reply is sent.

I would suggest maybe trying to visit our shop on a weekday. A weekday would certainly be quieter and there is no appointment necessary. I would also suggest visiting to view our collection with just one or two people at first. This will give you time to try things on in the shop. Once you have chosen the outfits required you can then pay a deposit to book your suits. This will confirm all of your suits. We can then arrange appointments for the other guys to be fitted.

I hope this information helps,
Thank You

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