Thursday 27 August 2009

Tonik Mohair

We now have the availability of authentic Tonik mohair from Dormeuil. Here are a few sample fabrics. These fabrics are of the highest possible quality Mohair. Prices start fromm £1400.00 made-to-measure.

Recently I have been asked about Tonik Mohair Suits. More specifically MOD suits. There are alot of misunderstandings regarding Mohair. So here is a little information about Mohair for you:
Mohair- The fine, Soft silky hair from the Angora Goat. Fabrics made from Angora goat hair characterised by their strength, lightness and lustre; stuffs composed of wool and cotton, woven to imitate mohair,but easily detected by the expert, because while wool and cotton combine closely and cling the fibres of mohair are clearly separable.
Tonik Mohair - (not tonic) Was a book produced by fabric merchant Dormeuil in the 60's and 70's It was invented in 1957. And re-invented in 2000 as Tonik2000. Here is a link (book 905)#
3-Ply Mohair: PLY: is term indicating the number of units of which either a yarn or fabric is composed. Thus: 2-ply yarn indicates a yarn composed of two single strands. Three-Ply cloth refers to a cloth which is really composed of three single cloths solidly bound together.
60's Tonik Mohair - Jack Bunneys was founded in 1958 as a bespoke tailors. Our cuttter arrived to work on a Vespa (a Douglas Vespa) And we made LOTS AND LOTS of mod suits. The fabrics used then were all 3 ply mohair's. 3 ply is coarse to wear, it is very hot and also itchy. I know this for a fact as I now have one, I would not stock a 3-ply mohair fabric any more for those reasons.
We now have in stock some wonderful Mohair books which would look just as amazing as the old 2-tone fabrics of the 60's whilst also offering lightweight luxury.

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