Tuesday 17 March 2009

Suit Hire ?

  • No longer does a hire suit have to be a heavy, hard wool or poly-mix.

  • A hire suit can now be fine, luxurious and lightweight!

  • Hire suits do not have to be heavy hard fabrics!

  • Hire suits do not have to be cheap construction!

  • Hire suits do not have to be old and worn!

  • Hire suits do not have to be shapeless!

  • Hire suits do not have to be poorly fitting!

  • Hire suits CAN be altered to fit correctly!

  • Hire suits do not have to have backless waistcoats!

  • Hire suits do not have to have black backed waistcoats!

  • Hire shirts do not have to be dirty!

  • Hire cravats do not have to be polyester!

  • Hire shoes do not have to made of plastic!

If you would prefer modern, stylish, lightweight, excellent quality, fitted suits that you can try on BEFORE you part with your money, why not call Jack Bunneys! Telephone 02085941654

Our Wedding Suit Hire Service Explained:

The Service:

Research and Design (We are constantly monitoring fashions and attending shows and fairs for inspiration)·

Purchasing and Manufacturing (Putting our ideas into production. We source quality factories to make to the highest standard or make our own products. Actually purchasing our products so they are all in store to try.)·

Advice on Fit, Style and Design. (A consultation with an experienced member of staff)·

A Correct Suit Fitting. (to try on the EXACT suit you will receive before booking)·

A Fitting for each member of the party. (Each member of the party will receive a correct fitting, where they can try-on the EXACT garments they will receive on the day.·

Refitting (any member of the party can request a refit at any time)·

Preparation of orders 1. Making cravats and Handkerchiefs. (we make our own cravats and ties in up to 250 shades of silk)·

Preparation of orders 2. Alteration. (We carry out alterations to our hire suits ourselves on the premises, by hand, NO GLUE!)·

Preparation of orders 3. Pressing. (We hand press each garment before it leaves. Including, jacket, waistcoat, trouser, shirts and neckwear.)·

Preparation of orders 4. Bagging and Tagging. (Each piece is put together and bagged individually for each customer. Each bag is named individually.)·

Cleaning and Pressing on Return. (every garment is dry-cleaned and hand pressed on return)

That is a breakdown of the practical things that you will receive with our service. However there are also the other unquantifiable benefits, such as the polite and professional service, the relaxed family atmosphere, the skill and knowledge of bespoke tailors and the experience of wedding professionals.

The Procedure:

1. Visit our shop to view our collection. Our full range can only be viewed on the premises.

2. Visit our shop to book a suit and be fitted. It is best to have a correct fitting and try-on the EXACT garment which you will receive on the day. This will ensure you are happy with both quality and fit. A deposit of £30.00 is left to book the suit for the day you require it.

3. Fittings for others. If you have any other members in your party they can be fitted over the next few weeks. No later than 8 weeks before the wearing date.

4. Re-fitting. If you or any other member of your party requires a re-fit then this can be carried out by appointment.

5. Collection. The suit(s) are collected from our shop two working days before the wearing date. On collection we will require your receipt, the balance of the hire charge and a security deposit.

6. Return. The suit(s) are returned to our shop two working days after the wearing date.

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