Friday 20 February 2009

The Sherwani Company.

I am a firm believer in expertise. Finding the right professional for the right job is very important. Over the years here at Jack Bunneys we have had the opportunity to stock suits and wedding outfits from different cultures. We could stock highland wear or a Sherwani.

However we are not professionals in this field. We make bespoke suits in the English tradition of tailoring. We also hire morning wear and other derivatives of classic English tailoring.

If you require the very best of Highland Wear visit a shop which understands the history and culture. Someone who understands tartans and the correct etiquette. Some one like Nicholson's Highland Supplies in Ingatestone.

If you require a Bespoke Suit, a Made-to-Measure suit or a Morning suit please visit our shop, we understand fabrics, tailoring and etiquette.

However if you require a Sherwani you should visit the experts. Someone who understands the culture, the fabrics, the workmanship and the service. You should visit : The Sherwani Company. A new company which offers only the very best of traditional and modern Indian culture.

The Sherwani Company

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