Wednesday 10 December 2008

To Hire or Not To Hire ... ?

That is the question.

Not everyone thinks that hiring clothing is a good idea, some people would never wear an item of clothing that has been previously worn. I do honestly understand that opinion.

However for many years we in the U.K. have been hiring morning suits and evening wear, this began as an affordable solution for the working classes. This business enjoyed unprecedented growth in the 80's as the working classes became the middle classes and could afford to attend (and were invited to) more prestigious venues.

Through the 90's the business grew as the class divides slowly withdrew. Now it is seen as the norm. Wedding and Evening suits are hired.

Once again times are changing.

We are currently in the middle of a revolution. A fabric revolution. Fabric technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace. Fine, lightweight and luxury fabrics are now capable of performance. An excellent quality lightweight wool so tightly spun that it keeps it shape, does not crease and is capable of multiple wears is now not a rarity. Fabrics are now capable of so much more!

No longer does a hire suit have to be a heavy, hard wool or poly-mix. A hire suit can now be fine, luxurious and lightweight!

Hire suits do not have to be heavy hard fabrics!

Hire suits do not have to be cheap construction!

Hire suits do not have to be old and worn!

Hire suits do not have to be shapeless!

Hire suits do not have to be poorly fitting!

Hire suits CAN be altered to fit correctly!

Hire suits do not have to have backless waistcoats!

Hire suits do not have to have black backed waistcoats!

Hire shirts do not have to be dirty!

Hire cravats do not have to be polyester!

Hire shoes do not have to made of plastic!

If you would prefer modern, stylish, lightweight, excellent quality, fitted suits that you can try on BEFORE you part with your money, why not call Jack Bunneys! Telephone 02085941654

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