Thursday 11 September 2008

The Very Best Fabrics in the World

We are a very lucky little family business! We have been fortunate enough to build relationships with some of the finest and most prestigious fabric merchants and mills in the world. These special relationships allows a small family business based in East London access to the most elusive, exclusive and expensive fabrics in the world. Here are just some of our fabric books we are selling from this season:

Based in Peebles, Scotland, Holland & Sherry is one of the most prestigious cloth weavers in the world. For 170 years it has played a leading role in supplying luxury cloths to the top end of the market, bespoke tailors, Parisian haute couture fashion houses and high class garment manufacturers.
As we proudly celebrated our 170th year in business in 2006, we are especially grateful for the loyalty and high expectations of our customers around the world who continue to demand the very finest of exclusive luxury cloths from Holland & Sherry.

Currently Our Best Selling Book Holland and Sherry - Snowy River

Snowy River worsted suitings are now firmly established in the Holland & Sherry collection and are renowned for their excellent performance as a luxurious and very comfortable travel suits around the world. Snowy River Super 100's cloths are woven with extra-fine wool from a hybrid breed of the world's best Australian Merino sheep with exceptional natural qualities. The fleeces from these sheep are very different from those of other breeds, with fibres that are by nature very regular (see illustration) and this permits a very consistent cloth and a sensuous smoothness to its finish. The fibres separate out and reflect light in a unique way. The fleece is light and bright without impurities so that the wool can be processed without harsh chemicals, just by a gentle wash in clear water. This factor demonstrates Holland & Sherry's increasing commitment to our leadership in environmental responsibility.
The collection, with over eighty patterns, focuses on a wide variety of subtle and distinguished stripe designs where the expertise of our skilled designers has captured the very essence of cloth for bespoke tailoring where the cloth aficionado can confidently select several suits. The large number of plain shades are perfect for trousers as well as suits and blazers.

Harrisons of Edinburgh - World Famous Fabrics

Harrisons of Edinburgh was founded in 1863 by Sir George Harrison who began his career as an apprentice with an Edinburgh tailor.
His first business venture was with a partner in establishing a business of wool drapers, hatters and hosiers in 1838.
Twenty five years later he bought over an existing firm of woollen merchants, J & A Ogilvy, changing the name to what is known today as “Harrisons of Edinburgh”.
Harrisons have always traded in the finest cloths and have been the originators of all their designs.

Harrisons Of Edinburgh - Grand Cru - Special Reserve

This is the second edition of this well constructed British cloth, with 2 fold warp and weft, which sets it apart from so many of its competitors. The range maintains its classic look , but has extended with some bold chalk stripes, some semi-classics and by special request 3 patterns with 24ct GOLD and PURE PLATINUM stripes.

Scabal - No1 Saville Row

Only the best raw materials are good enough for Scabal. The Scabal credo is "We never cut costs when it comes to materials." This is why Scabal has always been seen as a supplier of luxury menswear. Only the noblest materials like superfine wools, ranging from Super 100's to Scabal's own Super 200's, cashmere, silk and mohair provide the results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name.

Dormeuil - Made in England

"Welcome to the Universe of Dormeuil Cloth. More than 160 years of research, creativity and innovation brings you the finest cloth in the world"
Dormeuil - ICE
Bunch N° : 852, cloth name : ICE. Contemporary, dynamic and sensual flannel, as conceived by Dormeuil. A totally new creation which combines pure wool, warm and noble, with mohair for its subtle brilliance, and cashmere for its comfort and its astounding softness. An exclusive finish that gives highlights to the fabric and creates a very refined glazing effect. Ice is available in a full range of plain greys, as well as in shades of beige, plain or in subtle chinĂ©s, traditional or bold stripes in varying widths, rope patterns, etc. For suits or separate jackets and trousers. Here is Dormeuil at its most modern. Along with this creation, Dormeuil offers numerous versions of traditional flannel.

Dormeuil - Amadeus
Bunch N° : 851, cloth name : AMADEUS. Beyond quality, beyond beauty and know-how: there is excellence. Amadeus is the House of Dormeuil’s signature creation; a timeless classic; an absolute must. Evidenced by the elegance of its fall, its perfect hold and its resistance. A fabric that is easy to work with and can be worn on all occasions. It “flows”, creating a free and fluid silhouette, its discrete sheen giving it distinctive refinement. The material is pure combed wool, woven in England with the utmost respect of tradition. Its weight is ideal. Through 130 refined designs, Dormeuil demonstrates the extent to which its vision of classicism is creative and new: the plains take on relief, tone-on-tone patterns intermix boldly, stripes in brilliant colours bring light to the palette of greys and blues. The fabric comes alive with a natural elegance. All the talent that is uniquely Dormeuil.
Ermenegildo Zegna - Made in Italy
Basing itself on all the years of experience it has acquired, while at the same time constantly investing in research and new technology, the Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill has concentrated most of its activities upon the production of high quality wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics. In other words, the best there could possibly be in the world in terms of noble fibers.

Reid and Taylor - Made in Scotland
Think of the world's most precious fibres, cashmere, silk, 'Escorial', the finest micron wools and you have the very essence of the Reid and Taylor collection.

Also the finest fabrics from Italy: Reda , Cerruti, Lora Piana, Barberis, Luigi Botto and many others.

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