Thursday 11 September 2008

August - A summary.

Well August was certainly an interesting month! This August (2008) was the busiest month of August in the history Jack Bunneys! 50 years of records and we have never before reached the heights of August 2008.

An amazingly busy (and tiring month) which seemed to last forever (as well as go by in a flash!)

Our hire service reached its capacity it became very clear early on that we could no longer book any more hire suits for August or September. Fortunately we stopped all new bookings in July and we managed to get through the month without any serious stress related injuries!

2009 is looking like it could be just as busy! I would advise anyone looking to book hire suits from us for August / September 09 to book early. We have booked a few weddings already and the level of enquiries for 09 have started to rise in recent days.

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