Friday 4 July 2008

Interview with ROB

Rob is one of Jack Bunneys Company Directors. Rob has worked in the clothing industry throughout his career and he is the creative driving force behind the recent success of Jack Bunneys. Rob has designed some of Jack Bunneys most successful outfits including the "Brown Wedding Suit" and countless others designs, Bespoke.

Q: How long have been a Director Jack Bunneys?

I have been a director for e few years now.

Q: How would you describe you day to day role?

My day to day role at jackbunneys is much the same as the rest of the staff, making sure that all runs smoothly and the customers remain happy.

Q: What motivates you professionally?

What motivates me most professionally? I think it’s making sure that all our customers receive a high level of service. I feel that is something that is not found.

Q: How would you describe Jack Bunneys?

Jack bunny’s is a well established menswear company with excellent customer service. Truly a one off unique experience.

Q: How would you describe your style (dress sense)?

I would say my dress sense is simple yet smart.

Q: Would you say your style and the style of Jack Bunneys is similar?

There are similarities in my dress sense and some of the areas of the company.
This is mainly due to the work done in the company from contributing to the buying to merchandising. I think it’s only natural that your own style should be seen in what you do and that is one of the qualities of the company.

Q: How did you find your own style?

I would probably say that my simple style is a product of wearing some very bad fashion disasters in the late 80s early 90s. Not a good time for fashion I feel.

Q: What items of clothing are important to you?

My most important item of clothing is a good suit. I also think a well fitted shirt is also important.

Q: Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

The moment my favourite item of clothing is a recently made made-to-measure suit "nice".

Q: What item of clothing would you recommend as essential to your clients?

All clients I deal with already have a good suit because that’s my job.

Q: What item of clothing do you consider essential in your wardrobe?

My essential item in my wardrobe is a suit. Can you see a pattern? If not that then a black t-shirt.

Q: Are accessories important to you, in regards to your style?

Accessories are important; an outfit can be changed by the use of a simple accessory.

Q: Have you got any favourite accessories?

My favourite accessory at present is a pair of cufflinks given to me by my niece and nephew. Accessories with a meaning are always the best kind.

Q: How do you feel about man-bags?

Don’t do man bags.

Q: How do you feel about male grooming?

Male grooming is fine, we need to take care of ourselves, however there is a fine line between male grooming and generally being a bit of a tart. Be aware and stay on that line.

Q: What is your favourite all time item of clothing or accessory?

My all time favourite item of clothing is a BLACK T-SHIRT.

Q: Can you remember any of your style disasters?

One of my worst style disasters involved a very bad fitting shirt with zips (not small ones). Also a pair of fila boots in a very bad shade of green. Remember late 80s early 90s a very bad time for clothing.

Q: What are your predictions for the future of Jack Bunneys?

The future of Jack Bunneys is looking very bright with lots of new things on the horizon. Keep watching.

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