Tuesday 17 June 2008

Male Grooming.

Male grooming is not a new thing. Gentlemen have always preferred to look after themselves, to present themselves in the possible light. However it seems that some of the (traditionally women's) larger cosmetics companies are now targeting (fairly aggressively) you and I, as their new prospective client. I can understand where they are coming from, as I see male grooming as an essential part of the process of creating our own style.

But I do not need the assistance of a giant cosmetic conglomerate to tell me how to be a well groomed gentleman as I know where the true expertise lay in this field and that is firmly in the hands of the experts. The people who have been grooming the Gentlemen of London for generations and they are the traditional barbers of London. If you require advice on shaving, moisturising, aftershave, wrinkles, grey hair or any other grooming dilemma that may occur ask your Barber! they will know.

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