Wednesday 2 April 2008

We are in the Papers again.

Ok so we are in the Locals again. This time because we are in the running to win Retailer of the Year Award for Barking and Dagenham. I must admit that the pic is not the most flattering and it does seem to give the impression that both Rob(left) and I, are a little special. But the story was done really well and both the B&D POST and Anna Turvey (Journalist) have our thanks.

Thank You


Brian @ BKB Images said...

Aha! So, we compete for the same award, do we? Well, good luck with your bid.

Brian @ BKB Images said...

You require "We lost to Brian" baseball caps if I win do you?

Well, I want a year's supply of zany braces if you win. How's that??!

Brian @ BKB Images said...

So, you want "We lost to Brian" baseball caps if I win, do you? Well I reckon I can manage that.

Can you manage the zany braces if I lose though...?!!