Thursday 24 April 2008

We are in GQ.

GQ has approached us about being in GQ magazine in July. The July issue (released on the 5th June) will carry a feature about Grooms Wear and accessories, called Groom for improvement. In the article they will be taking the readers through the proposal and in to the wedding day, showcasing a selection of rings, wedding venues, entertainment and of course a offering the readers some guidance on where to purchase that perfect suit and where to buy the accesories to impress. They will also feature one of our Pictures and a few words about our company. This development has excited everyone! and it is potentially an entrance to a whole new world for Jack Bunneys.
Our goods and services have featured in a number of magazines over the last 12 months, interest from all over the world has been shown in our unique brand hopefully the inclusion in a prestigous fashion magazine will be our first step into the world of Fashion.
We will now also be listed in the GQ Tailors Directory.

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Brian @ BKB Images said...

That's fantastic news. Well done you!