Monday 14 April 2008

Our Made-To-Measure Suits

Our Made to Measure Suit service is a new service which we recently started in 2008.
This new service was created to compliment our Bespoke Hand-Made Suit service.
There are many reasons for choosing either service. A Hand Made Bespoke suit speaks for itself and needs no further explanation as to what that garment is.

However a made-to-measure suit does need a little extra explanation. A made-to-measure suit is precisely that a one-off made-to-your specification suit in any style, cut, fit or size.

However unlike a bespoke suit, these suits are not made on the premises. They are made in a factory. All made-to-measure suits are made in a factory of some kind, and this is an important fact to remember when choosing a made-to-measure suit services.

When we were deciding who we would use to make our made-to-measure suits we only really wanted to use one of two factories in the whole world. Both of those factories are German. In the end we decided upon Odermark.

A company which has both the history and reputation of the world finest ready-to-wear suits. Odermark are widely regarded as the very first of the ready-to-wear suit companies to produce a suit which was comparable to a Bespoke suit. An Odermark ready-to-wear suit will retail from £399.95 up to £995.00.

But the most important factor in our decision to use Odermark as our made-to-measure partner was the technological advancements of their prestine factories. An Odermark Made-To-Measure suit is made of only the worlds finest lightweight fabrics, and is cut by computer controlled laser (allowing fittings to the millimeter) and created by the latest textile technology. With all this technology we could not resist!

We know how to make things by hand, we know how to produce bespoke suits in the age-old methods. What we could not do was produce a light-weight fashion suit, in the worlds finest and lightest fabrics, using all the latest technological advancements which have occured in manufactoring recently.

Our 50th Anniversary seemed like the perfect excuse to put this right. And since then we have had some wonderful success with our new made-to-measure suit service. Using some fantastic light weight fabrics, such as Holland and Sherry, Barberis, Lora Piona and Cerruti. All made by those wonderful German engineers at Odermark.

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