Monday 21 April 2008

Identity Crisis ... Part Two.

Why the crisis?

It is not so much a crisis (crisis maybe an exaggeration!?!) rather more of an issue. Over recent months I have been attempting to market our brand of service and clothing across the UK. The difficulty I have found is altering preconceived ideas about us. Essentially our business is in three main parts:

However it has become increasingly complicated recently:
Evening Wear
School Prom
Other ceremonies and special occasions

Formal Wear
Casual Wear
Business Wear
Corporate Wear
` Made-to-measure suits
Bespoke Tailoring
` Made-to-order
Made-to-measure shirts.

Obviously not only does each individual service stand alone they also intertwine. A bespoke suit may be used for a Groom, whilst his ushers may hire morning suits and the guests may buy ready-to-wear suits. And then they may all hire dinner suits for the evening!
It is this array of services which we provide which cause the identity problem. Each customer who uses each service only ever truly remembers the service you provided and never really considers you for the others.

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