Monday 14 April 2008

A Bespoke Suit

Some Tailors may say that a suit is Bespoke if that suit has been cut and made just for the customer. Those Tailors would be correct! However I consider a Bespoke Suit to be much more than that.
I call a Suit Bespoke if that suit has been cut by-hand (by a skilled cutter) and then made (again by-hand) by a skilled Bespoke Tailor.
This method requires both the cutter and tailor to work together at various stages of fitting to ensure a correctly fitting garment.

A Bespoke suit is a hand-crafted garment which requires many measurement and a number of fittings and a period of 8-10 weeks to complete. A bespoke suit will use age old methods of construction and required many labour intesive hours of hand sewing.

A well made bespoke suit sits at the very pinnacle of English workmanship.

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