Wednesday 19 March 2008

Tight Vs Tailored!!

To our benefit the trend in men's clothing at the moment has swung towards the tailored look. Suits and Jackets are being worm regularly by all generations, the emphasis on fitted, slim-line looks.

This is great for us! and for any other business in the tailoring industry. However over the years our knowledge of tailoring and tailored garments has been diluted by designer brands and PR/Marketing gurus, who sell us : "a look" as appose to an item of clothing! This unfortunately means that allot of guys do not understand what a tailored fitted garment is!

  • A tight jacket is not a fitted jacket!

  • A smaller size does not make it tailored!

  • Wearing a 36 (when your a 40) does not make you suit slim-line!

What makes a jacket tailored, is the correct fitting. A fitted jacket is precisely that, fitted by professionals who know how best to suit your stamp. Sure slim-lime suits are fashionable. But fitted and tailored garments have always been produced by Tailors , all over the UK.

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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