Sunday 23 March 2008

Scabal - The worlds best fabrics

The finest fabrics in the world are exceptionally rare. Only the finest cloth merchants in the world would stock fabrics like Scabals super 200's! A cloth so rare it is only available in limited quantities, this fabric is worth thousands for a suit length because of its rarity.

Scabal, tradition and innovationScabal's products are exclusive and made to the highest possible standards, regardless of cost. The suits and jackets are made from Scabal's own featherlight woollen fabrics and cashmeres which are extraordinarily light and fine. Scabal's customers demand nothing less than the finest quality and refinement.This is why Scabal is constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibres which can be woven into their exclusive fabrics at the Scabal mill in Huddersfield, England.This historic mill has recently invested in the most modern weaving technology available which combines uniquely with the traditional skills of this 500 year old company to produce a range of traditional and classic fabrics with the modern performance and handle necessary for today's lifestyle.
The 'fabrics race' to develop ever finer count worsted fabrics started back in 1974, when Scabal pioneered a new cloth woven from 16.5 micron wool which was finer than the then standard Super 100's which had 18 micron fibres. To distinguish it from the standard Super 100's, it was called Super 120's. Scabal was the first company to create new standards of fineness with its Super 120's, and later with its Super 150's.In 1991, Scabal was the first on the market to develop Golden Carat, a Super 150's cloth. Later, it became possible to process 13.8 micron wool, which Scabal called Super 180's Miracle and Obsession. More recently, Scabal's scientists have developed Exceptional, a top level Super 200's category fine fabric made from rare Australian wool with the exceptional fineness of close to 13 microns.However, Scabal's latest development is Gold Treasure fabric, made of 22 Carat Gold and fine count Super 150's from a rare 15.5 micron bale of Australian Merino Wool.This tradition of innovation gives Scabal a unique record as a pioneer, always in search of new frontiers.

Miracle, Obsession - super 180'sMiracle not only offers the fineness of a Super 180's, it is also available as medium weight 320 g fabric which delivers a more substantial feel and means that the comfort of a Super 180's can be enjoyed all year long. Its super smooth touch is equal, if not superior, to that of the finest pure cashmere. Miracle has all the advantages of pure virgin wool such as easy tailoring and the resilience and dependability needed for an active and modern lifestyle.Obsession is also a Super 180's offering the typical extremely soft feel and unequalled comfort of top-class cashmere as well as the reliability of Australian Merino wool. Its major difference from Miracle is its weight, just 220 g per square metre.
Exceptional - Super 200'sA recent technological breakthrough by Scabal's scientists has allowed the production of woollen yarn in the 13 micron range and resulted in the development of Exceptional Super 200's.This is a top level fine woollen fabric which matches, if not surpasses, cashmere for softness, while retaining all the practical properties unique to genuine virgin wool. As wool this fine is truly exceptional and difficult to obtain, there is only enough wool available worldwide to produce a limited quantity in each pattern.

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